Meet the creator!

Heyyy Baddies! Welcome to my name is Pena, but most people know me as APSBADDIE or vendorprincesses. I’m a full time student and entrepreneur. I use my platforms to uplift women and girls and bring out there inner baddie. We believe every girl is a Instagram baddie no matter how you look. As a child I always got teased for not looking “cute” or getting “cute” outfits.

As I grew older I had a idea in my head which was to create a boutique and accessories store for all my beautiful Kings and queens. Everyone should be able to slay at an affordable price. My mission is to make each and everyone of you look and feel like confident  in your clothing and look like a baddie with each accessory.

I’m also here for the people who are sick of that 9/5 job and want to work for themselves we have the perfect vendors for you. Every baddie should have multiple streams of income. APSBADDIE is a beauty brand that embraces black feminine culture and urban fashion. We provide amazing quality and affordable prices for girls on a global scale. A message to all girls is that , you don’t have to take on opinions of others. You don’t have to feel less confident because you don’t look a certain way. Your style your personality and your existence is unique and beautiful.